Ultimate Cheese Board - EssieSpice Style

Ultimate Cheese Board - EssieSpice Style


EssieSpice TamarindOH! Sauce

Red Grapes

Green Grapes

Black Olives

Green Olives



Sliced Baguette


Crackers and/or cheese crackers 


Nuts (Candied Walnuts, Pistachios)

One Soft Cheese - Brie or Zimbro Cheese

One Blue Cheese - Gorgonzola Cheese 

One Aged Cheese - Aged Sharp Cheddar  or Gouda Cheese

One Firm Cheese - Manchego Cheese

Serving Tips from Real Simple.

  • Separate strong-smelling cheeses. If you want to serve a pungent, stinky-socks cheese, place it on a separate plate so it doesn’t overpower more delicate ones. Four or Five choices are enough.
  • Set out a separate knife for each cheese, especially the soft varieties. Soft cheese spreads well with a butter knife; firm cheese might require a paring knife; and aged cheese often requires a cheese plane.
  • Remove the cheese from the refrigerator an hour before serving―cold mutes flavor.
  • Spread out the spread. Place the cheese platters and the other nibbles on several tables to avoid guest gridlock.
  • Label each cheese so you won’t need to recite the names all evening. If you like, also jot down a few poetic adjectives describing its flavor.


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