Frequently Asked Questions

What is the shelf-life of your sauces?

The shelf-life of un-opened sauces is 18 months. For un-opened dry rub, 24 months. Once the sauce jars have been opened, they last 10 weeks in the fridge. We recommend using the dry rub within 6 months after opening for peak quality and freshness.

Do you ship internationally?

We do not currently ship internationally due to cost of duties, customs etc., however we are working with Amazon UK to have it in the UK soon so stay tuned

What is your order processing speed?

When we receive your order, it typically takes 3 - 5 business days for processing prior to shipment.

What is your standard return policy?

There are no returns for items since they are food products and we cannot ensure tamper-safety on returned goods.

Where can we find you both internationally and domestic (U.S.)?

Glad you asked! You can find us at one of our stockists!

What happens when I received damaged, broken or compromised goods/jars?

At this time, we do not offer replacement jars due to excessive logistical effort.

If your items were purchased through Amazon, please submit a formal return/replace request in “Your Orders” on to resolve the issue. you can reference Amazon’s return/replace policy for additional information.

If a package is deemed lost, please reach out to us at with your order number and tracking number (located in your EssieSpice shipping confirmation email), and we will confirm with the shipper that the package was confirmed. We will then facilitate the shipper’s refund to you.

Please note: We do not offer replacement products as a result of stolen packages, or if the address given at checkout was incorrect..

If the product that was broken/damaged was purchased here at, please email us photos of the damaged product, and your order number, to so we can troubleshoot immediately.

Please note: irrespective of whether or not your sauces were purchase in a our EssieSpice Signature Sauce Box Set, or as individual jars, we will only refund the cost of the individual broken jar(s).

Which carrier do you use for shipping and how could that carrier impact order delays?

Although you pay for UPS Ground at checkout, we vary our shipping services depending on location. We use UPS and FEDEX, however we rely on USPS for many of our shipments due to cost effectiveness for our small business.

To contextualize any shipping concerns you may have, and in the interest of transparency we have outlined a few barriers to consider when processing your order.

How can we contact you?

Please email or visit our contact page.

Covid-Related Impact.

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We see “due to COVID delay” a lot, but what does that truly mean?

Delayed deliveries that impact both our in-house processes and supply deliveries as well as your personal deliveries have been caused by:

Teams worldwide adapting to constrained work environments: employers forced to downsize due to decrease in sales/demand or restrictions imposed on workplace safety standards.

Residual pre-election strain due to targeted dismantling of internal structures and sorting systems by the federal government which remains an ongoing concern even after the election.

Businesses adapting/enduring to the pandemic by transitioning to largely online buying to stay afloat adding a higher volume of shipments to an already strained system.

Exponential increase in online holiday shopping.

Updating tracking information sporadically (uncommon):

In some instances, packages remain in “pre-shipment” for the term of its journey to you. This means the item may arrive at your door while tracking on the USPS interface is still pending. We have spoken to USPS staff personally and have been told, in the interest of moving packages along faster, some facilities forego scanning.

As a result and in the interest of transparency, USPS has experienced, overall, packages sitting in sorting facilities longer than usual. 

How can you personally assist with delayed shipments?

We are not able to view any more tracking information beyond what USPS/FedEx/UPS communicates on their tracking interface. The USPS has been more diligent in communicating when an item is delayed which we are grateful for. However if you are concerned that your package may be lost, please email us directly to troubleshoot.