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Bon Appetit

We have combed the entirety of Ghana to bring you indigenous, homegrown, legacy spices. These are the spices our grandmothers used to heal us from the inside out, whether it was a stomach bug or a blemish. From alligator pepper to grains of Selim, West-African nutmeg to the Ashanti Pepper; the collective arsenal for flavor. When it came to mealtimes, these same spices were used to assemble the best of feasts to serve every palate from kings to newborns.

We even went further to source other ingredients like our Mango and our Tamarind from some of our favorite countries on the planet; Colombia and Mexico. We care deeply about how all this comes together not only to nourish you but to bring you endless joy; EssieSpice - Bottled-up joy in a jar.

It starts with Essie's story

Essie Bartels moved to the United States from Ghana at 18 and spent the first part of her career at various multinational corporations, seeing the world. The flavors from her travels found their way into her home kitchen and then into her line of sauces and spice blends that meld international flavors with those of her native West Africa.

These sauces aren’t the kind of pre-made sauces and spice blends you buy, use once, and let languish in your fridge. The flavors are surprising and impossible to forget.

The Loff Sauce by Essie Spice

This slow-roasted simmer sauce takes all of the guesswork out of making the one, the only, JOLLOF rice: a burnt-orange rice dish made with lush tomato sauce infused with West African and Northern Ghanaian spices, peppers, garlic & magic.

But you don’t have to stop there. LOFF can also be used in soups, stews, for your pasta, your bolognese, and also on your pizza. Think of a slow-roasted tomato base for all your home-cooked meals that will bring everyone around the table.


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