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ZÈ Traditional Ceramic Pot & Lid

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Made from rich clay soils from Vume, Ghana, our Zè Ceramic Pot is our latest offering in our Fi:Yè Pottery Home Collection. This pot is hand-sculpted and crafted by artisans who have learned the art of pottery from one generation to the next. Vume is a small community in the Volta Region of Ghana known for its Pottery Crafts. 
We worked with our master Potter for 18 months, designing, reworking, and perfecting our Zè pot to be the perfect companion for your home. EssieSpice has been and continues to be a brand about long-standing tradition, heritage but also sustainability. This is why our sauces are housed in recyclable glass & metal and we continue our story of sustainability with our Zè pot.
Use our Zè pot to keep water cool, for slow, low-heat cooking or even as displayed as beautiful art no matter where it's kept. 
Zè needs to be hand-washed with mild soap and lukewarm water. To keep its integrity, allow it to thoroughly dry after washing, and then you can place it in a warm oven overnight or on low heat for an hour. Do not expose Zè pot to extremely high cooking temperatures. 



Height: 6.5" Width: 9.5" Breadth: 7.5"