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Essiespice Signature Sauce Collection

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Essiespice Essential Sauce Collection

Buy the whole collection. You'll receive Coco-for-Garlic, Mekko Dry Rub, Mango Chli Medley, and the OH! so sumptuous TamarindOH! Use these different sauces and spice blend for different applications and become everyone's favorite cook.

Customer Reviews

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The best! Beautiful packaging! Flavorful spices! Fast shipping!!

Tonya Rogers

I love all the spices. They are the perfect amount of heat, spice and sweet. I use them all the time. The mango medley I use with everything tacos, chips, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and rice. The coco for garlic I use on my mushroom when sauteed.  Tamarind oh I use for egg rolls, lumpia, and samosa. It's perfect. I've even drizzled on salads.  My absolute favorite the dry rub I use when I grill veggies. Even some stone fruit like sliced peaches, pineapple and watermelon before grilling. It's all terrific. Thank you Essie Spice. 

Lisa T.

I was blessed enough to receive this week the 4 spices to try and review.  I opened the Coco-for-Garlic and the Mango Chili jar first to smell and hubby was licking the spoon and I was just trying to smell it! I had a 5 pound bag of chicken wings so I divided them in half and used both of those sauces (one on each) and they were good.  Since Hubby likes sautéed veggies, I added some Coco-for-Garlic to the green beans to give them some extra flavor and hubby was over the moon.  Thank you Essie for allowing me to sample these and I hope to be a repeat customer.

Tanya C

I discovered Essie about a year ago on IG. Wow! Spices amazing. And the website is great for recipes. I plan to get the Signature Collection as gifts for the holidays for my friends, family and clients who love cooking. And I'm so happy to see you in Target! 

Elisa Marie

I was so excited to see how well packed the spices were when I received them. Nothing was broken or spilled. I loved using the Mekko Dry Rub on popcorn. It gives it such a nice and quick kick. The Tamarind is so great in drinks! I loved mixing some in with some sparkling water and mint. The Mango Chili Medley and Coco for Garlic could easily be eaten by the spoonful but instead I have been adding them in with different vegetables and tofu. Overall these are such great spices to have on hand!