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Mango Chili Medley

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A delectable blend of sweet mango, lush onions & Jamaican Scotch Bonnet peppers, this essential condiment will add unbelievably delicious flavor to any dish. Use it as a glaze, dip, marinade, or cooking sauce. This is the perfect flavor-enhancing addition to meats, noodles, or that Guacamole.

Dig in and find little nuggets of juicy mango chunks or two. Use it as a sandwich spread, on crepes, on top of cheese on a cracker, or to jazz up that steak and experience world-renowned flavor.

INGREDIENTS: Mango, Onion, Jamaican Hot Pepper, Thai Chili Peppers, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Rice Wine Vinegar, Salt


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Customer Reviews

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This is my favorite


Love the bold flavors but wish the mango sang a little more! Spicy and versatile, looking forward to finding more ways to use this.


I am not of heat so for myself I used this sauce in small amounts or mixed with something else. It added a nice flavor to my roast chicken. For my family members that can take the heat - its good in guacamole or on its own. I plan to try it next mixed with mayo as a spread. This is a definite upgrade compared to standard mango chutney.


I have been a fan of Essie Spice from the beginning and in particular the MCM as I like to call it is a kitchen staple. I use it in everything. In combination with the Loff Sauce for stews and Jollof, as a marinade for shrimp and steak, or even as a dip. I also love to give it as gifts so I'm excited that the mini sizes are back. I highly recommend the MCM because it's a great flavor bomb without all the fake stuff. 


There are so many ways to use this sauce that I'm going to start ordering two at a time. I'm from the Caribbean, and mangoes make my heart sing. I love when it's combined with pepper because the sweetness of it brings such great balance, and this sauce does that perfectly. I have used this sauce on cheese boards, added it to salsas, and put it on my burritos. I really enjoy it as a condiment. I also like putting it in my vegetable curry. The next thing I'm going to do is experiment to make a salad dressing with a little zing.