Winter Spiced Ginger Beer Cocktail

Winter Spiced Ginger Beer Cocktail


2 Cups of Ginger Beer

Juice from a fresh ground ginger (about 2 inches of medium sized ginger root)

1 Cup of Pineapple Juice

1 Cup of Cranberry Juice

1 Cup of Apple Juice

1 Cup Lemonade 

3 Tablespoons of EssieSpice TamarindOH! Sauce

Fresh sliced lemons and lime

1 Stick of Cinnamon

2 Stars of Anise

4 Sticks of Grains of Selim

4 Cloves


Preparation Drink

1. Roast all spices in a hot pan till you start to smell the essence of the spices and start to see just a bit of oil from from them.

2. Mix all the liquid ingredients and add the spices

3. Strain the spices from the drink mixture and pour in a serving jug/jar

4. Add the lemon and lime slices and ice as needed.

5. You can add Rum to kick this cocktail up a notch! 

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